Financial Research

Financial Data is the indicator of the health of every company and acts as its backbone. Novus provides a variety of customised and quality Financial Research Services to its clients. It caters to organisations of all sizes and delivers Financial Research Services that is subject to unbiased perspective, risk management skills, advanced expertise and a sharp sense of timing.

Financial data is a key indicator of factors such as the failures and successes of a company, risk reduction opportunities, and costs and benefits of a new product or service development based on the current market trends.

Novus’s Financial Research will help you take precise and game-changing decisions in the light of your company’s current market position, the operational and financial drivers of your business in comparison to your competitor’s business behaviours.

Our in class, comprehensive and profound list of Financial Research Services includes -


Trading and Transactional Comps
Capital Markets Overview
Financial Benchmarking
Earnings call review / analysis

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With its dedicated Financial Research Services Novus primarily focuses on equipping its clients with critical information complimented with complex analysis to operate effectively. We have a team of extremely dedicated, qualified and experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. They have industry standards training and backgrounds to assist organisations in the best possible manner

Novus is a trusted financial research partner to clients across multiple functions and industries. For all your Financial Research and analysis needs you can contact Novus, where authentic financial data empowers you to take apt and empowered financial decisions best for your company’s survival, sustainance, and growth.