Data Analytics

Novus offers its clients with Data Analytics Services that comprises of smart data insights that helps its clients to exercise a stronger marketing impact, increase their revenue options, lower their costs, increase their sales and Penetrate new markets.

Our Data analytics experts specialise in developing end to end data analytics solutions for business problems across a variety of industries and functions. They begin by understanding the pain points, the gap between expectation and end results. Then our data experts pull data from original, authentic and reliable sources, whether internal to the organisation or external. The data is collected, validated, correlated, refined and finally secured to provide our clients with valuable insights of business intelligence, and the recommendations of the next best actions. Our capabilities range from basic data processing to complex and comprehensive statistical skills.

Our Data Analytics Services include -

Data Acquisition Support
Data Processing & Validation
Reporting & Dashboarding
Inquisitive Analysis
Predictive Modeling

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Novus helps you utilise data through modern data analytics techniques for innovation and growth. Novus follows a lean and innovative approach towards data analytics in the best interests of its client. We believe in delivering value to our clients in light of their requirements and objectives.